Latest News

Shelford Leachate Treatment Plant

on 29.03.2016

MEICA fit out of the Shelford Leachate Treatment Plant is going well and is on programme. Commissioning is planned for April/May 2016.

Keeping the Stink Under Control

on 22.03.2016

Our Process Director Howard Robinson has helped a waste management company in South Africa tackle its hydrogen sulphide odour problems at its landfill site using simple, innovative and robust treatment technologies.      

Ardley LTP Refurbishment Works

on 14.03.2016

Construction of the new automated sodium hydroxide and anti-foam dosing system at the Ardley Landfill Site Leachate Treatment is well underway. Commission is being undertaken this week.

Pilsworth LTP Sodium Hydroxide Dosing System Upgrade

on 07.03.2016

The automated sodium hydroxide dosing system upgrade at Pilsworth Landfill LTP is complete and fully operational.