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Walpole Leachate Treatment Plant Chemical Dosing System Refurbishment

on 16.05.2016

Walpole LTP chemical dosing system refurbishment is the third upgrade that Phoenix is undertaking for Viridor at its existing Leachate Treatment Plants. The new reinforced concrete support base has been constructed and the sodium hydroxide storage tank has been delivered and fixed into place. Viridor is currently undertaking an assessment for a power supply upgrade. Once that is complete Phoenix will return to site and install the new power supply, upgrade the LTP SCADA system and complete commissioning of the new chemical dosing system. Included in the refurbishment works, Phoenix has installed an innovative safe means of access to the existing treatment lagoon floating aerators for maintenance.

New case studies loaded

on 04.05.2016

Hatfield Leachate Treatment Plant Biological Commissioning

on 03.05.2016

Biological commissioning of the Hatfield LTP is well underway with seed sludge being introduced last week. Throughput is already nearing capacity and we expect to be up at capacity by the end of the week. Final touches are being undertaken to the installation, including fencing, pipework trace heating and lagging. Keep an eye on our Case Studies as we will be adding a new one soon for the Hatfield LTP.

Commissioning Starts at Shelford Leachate Treatment Plant

on 26.04.2016

Phoenix Engineering construction team has handed over the refurbished Viridor Shelford Leachate Treatment Plant to the commissioning team. Plant tests and calibrations have been underway with process commissioning having starting 23rd April 2016. The refurbished plant is now CIRIA 736 compliant and has had a 5% increase in treatment capacity. Keep an eye on our Case Studies as we will be adding a new one soon for the Shelford LTP.