Howard Robinson

Process Director

Howard joined Phoenix Engineering in September 2014 where he is the Process Director. Prior to joining Phoenix Engineering, Howard worked for SKM Enviros (formerly Aspinwall & Company) as Technical Director for more than 30 years, following six years’ experience at the UK Water Research Centre. The whole of his working life has been spent on waste management projects, particularly in the fields of landfill and waste science and research, and waste treatment processes.

In his role as Technical Director at SKM Enviros, Howard was responsible for many of the Company's largest projects, in the UK and overseas. He has travelled extensively throughout the World, working on every continent except Antarctica, advising governments and private companies, particularly on projects involving the management of landfill leachates, environmental monitoring, and landfill design and remedial works.

His group at SKM Enviros was responsible for the detailed design and commissioning of more than ninety full-scale leachate treatment plants in the UK and overseas, including some of the largest such plants in the World. These presently treat a total of over 25,000m3 of leachate per day. During the last decade projects have involved work in South Africa, New Zealand, Mauritius, Italy, Germany, Austria, the USA, Morocco, and most recently Malaysia. Howard was responsible for design and commissioning of one of the largest leachate treatment plants in the World, at the award-winning new 140Mm3 Bukit Tagar Landfill, which was opened in 2006 to serve the city of Kuala Lumpur. He has also worked to design and commission another award-winning large leachate treatment plant at a closed 20Mm3 urban dump at Taman Beringin, and on leachate treatment designs for eight other closed landfills.

Having already designed and commissioned three large leachate treatment plants in South Africa, Howard was responsible for design of a very large plant in Cape Town, which was commissioned by him during early 2012, to treat 500m3/d of very strong leachate, with full nitrification and denitrification of high concentrations of ammoniacal-N, allowing surface water discharge of treated leachate. During May 2012 the plant received the Piet Vosloo award of the Water Institute of Southern Africa, as representing the greatest advance in wastewater treatment in Southern Africa during the previous two years.

Howard has written and presented more than 200 professional papers and reports in the field of wastes management and leachate treatment, including definitive reports on leachate quality from landfills in the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia, and an international review of leachate quality at large landfills throughout the World. He has acted as a specialist expert witness in the UK and overseas. Howard is considered to be one of a small number of World experts in the field of landfill science, and leachate management and treatment.

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