Kevin Trewern

Director - Control & Automation Design, Panel Build & Commissioning

Kevin is a Control and Automation Specialist with over 26 years experience.  He has been working for Phoenix Engineering since 1998 and is one of the founders of the company. During his career, he has covered many aspects of the industry including – but not limited to:-  Electrical Control Panel (design, CAD drawings, procurement, manufacture, testing, installation, and troubleshooting); Process Instrumentation (installation, commissioning, troubleshooting);  PLC programming (DirectLogic, Alan Bradley, Productivity, Siemens, Do-More); PC programming (C++, C#, Bash Scripting, Python); Microcontroller programming (Arduino, ESP, PIC) in C++ and some machine language; PC manufacture and setup – from basic green systems to high performance models;  Control feedback systems – PID/custom;  Data collection for injection into third-party systems (EQIUS, customer DB etc); Design of control panels including motor starters, PLC control, instrumentation etc; Inverter setup and control interfacing; Data communications – Ethernet, RS485, Dupline, 4-20mA and so on; Wi-fi and similar style datalinks; Usage of: Windows, Linux, MS Office, AutoCAD, Borland Developer, Visual Studio; CAD – production of Electrical, Mechanical, Site layout, Control panel drawings; CAD – production of engraved labels; Excellent troubleshooting skills in all the above areas where applicable including phone support often under emergency breakdown conditions.

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