Terry Trewern

Director of Electrical Design

Terry formed Phoenix Electrical Engineering Services Limited (trading as Phoenix Engineering) in 1993 and was Managing Director up until January 2017.  With his expert knowledge of controls and instrumentation he has guided Phoenix to gain work, initially, within the food factory sector but over the last 24 years has diversified into many different industry sectors, primarily becoming specialists in the design and build of  leachate treatment plants.  Most projects are on a Design & Build principle where the client comes to Phoenix for a solution and Terry works up the best technical and most economic solution with his team.  The company now offers “Turnkey” solutions where Design, Procure, Install and Commission control systems for many treatment processes as well as all power installation works are fulfilled.  Terry has designed and supervised the installations of many complex project for Phoenix and continues to do so as a Director of Electrical Design since stepping down as Managing Director earlier this year.

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